Autocross History

Autocross was a very popular club event from the 1960s to the 1990s when difficulties with getting venues led to the end of this event. Events were mainly held on loose surfaces such as quarries with the occasional grass surface event. The Limerick Motor club event had national championship status for a number of years. the club sometimes held 5 autocross events in a single year. In 2014 a new venue for Autocross event was located near Rear Cross Co Tipperary beginning a new era of Autocross for Limerick Motor Club

27 March 2022  Event page
A field of 49 drivers enjoyed an event held in glorious sunny conditions. The water tanker was out before every run to keep the dust down at Jim Bolton's quarry. Victory was taken by Thomas Healy who improved by 1.76s on his third to pip early leader John Treanor.

2021 Limerick Autocross not run due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

12 April 2020 Limerick Autocross (LS) (A) Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

21 April 2019 Autocross at Bridgetown Co Clare 2019 Autocross at Bridgetown Co Clare    
Best time of day (Special): Anthony Culleton (Semog) 2m 58.9s.
Best time of day (4x4 Saloon): Matt Shinnors (Impreza) 3m 12.3s.

Class winners: William Meade (Nova), Mike Casey (Peugeot 205), Steven Cafferty (Civic), Gerard O’Connell (Celica), Mike O’Connor Jnr (Lancer Evo), Ben Walsh (Speedcar), Nicky Hegarty (Honda Special), Cian Walsh (Peugeot 205), Mossie Costelloe (Micra), Paul Furlong (Semog).

9 December 2018 Autocross at Bridgetown Co Clare Final Round of FIVE STAR CATERING National Championship
Best time of day (Special): Padraic McHale (Yacar Buggy) 3m 50.29s
Best time of day (Saloon): Mike O’Connor (Lancer Evo) 4m 14.63s
Class winners: T J O’Connell (Nova), Chris Snow (Peugeot 206), Gerard O’Connell (Celica), Owen Murphy (Impreza), Paul Nolan (Berrisford Suzuki), Nicky Hegarty (Honda Special), Mossie Costelloe (Micra), Anthony Culleton (Semog).
More details on event page

10 December 2017 Autocross at Tarrant's Quarry, Cahir, Co Tipperary
Best time of day (Special): Kevin O'Connor (Semog Buggy) 1m 56.09s
Best time of day (Saloon): William Meade (Nova) 2m 09.07s
Class winners:
Evan Maher (Corsa) 2m 19.07s
Denis Greaney (Peugeot 205) 2m 12.03s
Damien Driver (Corsa) 2m 11.06s
Mike O'Connor Snr (Integra) 2m 18.05s
P J O'Connor (Lancer Evo 9) 2m 10.08s
Declan O'Regan (Kawasaki Special) 2m 8.07s
Whitby Moynan (Toyota Special) 2m 03.09s
Adam Grace (Ka) 2m 15.03s
Cian Walsh (Peugeot 205) 2m 27.06s
Paul O'Driscoll (Semog Buggy) 2m 01.04s
Elaine Shinnors (Impreza) 2m 34.00s

Photos by Alan Noonan of Rally Through a Lens Full Result Event Page


Best time of day (Special): Paul O’Driscoll (Semog Buggy) 1m 44.13s,

Best time of day (Saloon): Lukasz Czapnik (Impreza) 1m 51.06s

Class 1: 1 Joe Dowling (Corsa) 1m 58.25s, 2 Shaun Forde (Nova) 2m 01.73s, 3 Evan Maher (Corsa) 2m 02.00s.

Class 2: 1 Denny Greaney (Peugeot 205) 1m 56.46s, 2 T J O’Connell (Corsa) 1m 58.79s, 3 Joe Shinnors Jnr (Corsa) 2m

Class 3: 1 Pat Driver (Peugeot 106) 1m 58.83s, 2 P J O’Connor (Peugeot 206) 2m 00.82s, 3 Niamh Driver (Peugeot 106) 2m 09.81s.

Class 4: 1
Gerard O’Connell (Celica) 1m 59.77s.

Class 5: 1 Ed Walsh (Impreza) 1m 53.47s, 2 Barry Driver (Sunny) 2m 02.92s, 3 Gerard O’Connor (Impreza) 2m 04.91s.

Class 6: 1 Lionel Percy (Honda Blackbird) 1m 46.41s, 2 Mikie O’Connor (Suzuki Special) 1m 51.30s, 3 Declan O’Regan (Kawasaki Special) 1m 54.35s.

Class 7: 1 Whitby Moynan (Toyota Special) 1m 48.38s, 2 Nicky Hegarty (Mazda Special) 1m 58.60s.

Class 8: 1 Ian Horgan (Corsa) 1m 54.92s.

Class 10: 1 Sean Cahill (JB Buggy) 1m 45.49s, 2 Eoghain McMahon (Semog Buggy) 1m 48.55s, 3 Kevin O’Connor (Semog Buggy) 1m 50.69s.

1 Christopher O'Callaghan (Semog Buggy) 1m 48.97s,
2 Brian Hassett (Semog Buggy) 1m 49.48s,
3 Ross Hayes (Semog Buggy) 1m 49.73s,
4 Peter Brennan (Semog Buggy) 1m 51.36s,
5 James Lucey (Subaru Special) 1m 52.19s,
6 Eoghain McMahon (Semog Buggy) 1m 55.28s.
Class winners: Eamonn McCarthy (Swift) 2m 01.23s, Lukasz Czapnik (Peugeot
206) 1m 59.90s, Ed Walsh (Impreza) 2m 01.86s, James Lucey, Brian Hassett,
Cian Robinson (Starlet) 2m 04.74s.

7 December 2014 Event Report

Overall winner: Padraig Egan (Buggy) 2m 00.54s.
Class winners: James Lehane (Civic) 2m 13.53s, Lukasz Czapnik (Peugeot 206) 2m 13.93s, Michael O'Sullivan (Escort) 2m 19.45s, Owen Murphy (Impreza) 2m 01.55s, Whitby Moynan (Mazda Special) 2m 06.15s, Peter Brennan (Buggy) 2m 08.57s.

17 August 2003
This event was won by G Lucey in a Celica special and held at Cullen, Co. Tipperary

7 November 1999
by Austin Shinnors from

Held at Lynchs Quarry Kilfinny,Co.Limerick. Richard Percy arrived at the Limerick Autocross on a mission-he needed to finish at least fourth overall to clinch his first ever Jerry Murphy Tyres Munster Autocross Championship. In the event the Nenagh man took no chances and he lead the race from start to finish,in his Ford Special.Percys best time around the Kilfinny track was 2.23.65,and he clocked that time on his third of three runs.In second place was Mervyn Shorten from Croom driving a Ford Escort, four seconds adrift of the new champion.Escorts also filled the next three places with Walter Bourke (Galway) ahead of Dick Mc Carthy (Castleisland) and Mick Linehan (Cork).In sixth position was Gordon Percy in the Kawasaki Special,followed by a pair of Escorts driven by Matt Shinnors (Bruff) and Eamon Daly (Limerick).Finishing off the top ten was Ger Brennan (Killarney) in the Chevvy V8 and Joe Shinnors Snr. (Bruff) in another Escort.

Class winners:
Class 1 Joe Shinnors Jnr Bruff Opel Corsa
Class 2 Mervyn Shorten Croom Ford Escort
Class 3 Matt Shinnors Bruff Ford Escort
Class 4 Dick McCarthy Castleisland Ford Escort
Class 5 Gordon Percy Nenagh Kawasaki Special
Class 6 Ger Brennan Killarney Chevy Special. 
Best Limerick MC Member Austin Shinnors Bruff Opel Corsa
Best Novice James Lehane Knocknagree Honda Civic
Best Lady Breda Pigott Newmarket Lancia Delta

19 September 1999

by Austin Shinnors from

Bruff driver Alan Shinnors was the surprise winner of the Limerick Autocross held at Lynchs Quarry, Kilfinny last Sunday. Shinnors who was driving a Ford Escort,clocked a time of six minutes and forty seven seconds on the first of two timed runs. Four seconds in arrears was his nearest challenger Gordon Percy, the 1998 Munster Autocross Champion. Percy from Cloughjordan was driving his Kawasaki special On the final run of four laps of the smooth but demanding track, Percy upped the ante as expected with time of six minutes and forty three seconds, despite suffering a broken driveshaft one hundred metres from the finish. It looked bleak for Shinnors as he set off in pursuit of the high revving Kawasaki. However a split time after two laps revealed he was two seconds ahead and he kept his cool to beat the Tipp man by four seconds.

Limerick drivers dominated the rest of the top six with Michael O Connor Snr. from Athea third in the Mazda 323 4X4 ahead of the Bruff trio-Matthew, Austin and Joseph Shinnors Jnr. The best Limerick Club member was Aidan Walsh, Kilcornan in a Ford Escort and the best novice was George Shinnors also from Bruff in an Opel Corsa.

1st O/A Alan Shinnors Ford Escort 1600cc 6m39s
2nd O/A Gordon Percy Kawasaki special 6m43s
3rd O/A Mike O'Connor Mazda 323 4x4 6m53s
4th O/A Matt Shinnors Ford Escort 1600cc 6m 58s
5th O/A Austin Shinnors Opel Corsa 1600cc 7m 10s
Class one 
1.Joe Shinnors Opel Corsa
2 Brian Farrell Ford Fiesta
3.Ed O Callaghan Ford Escort
Class two 
1.Austin Shinnors Opel Corsa
2.James Murphy Sunbeam
3.Roland Doherty Sunbeam
Class three
1. Matt Shinnors Ford Escort
2. Niall O Connel Peugeot 205
3. Greg Shinnors Ford Escort
Class four 
1. Mike O Connor Snr Mazda 323
2. Whitby Moynan Chevette V8
3. Mike O Connor Jnr Mazda 323
Class five 
1. Gordon Percy Kawasaki Special
Novice: George Shinnors Opel Corsa 1600cc 7m 28s

16 June 1996
This was a round of the national championship with 47 entries. Pat Dowling was CoC for the very sucessful event run on a hot Sunday afternoon. Club members results included Alan Shinnors first in class 3 and Jack Bennet 2nd in class 6

24 September 1995
This was the final round of the 1995 club championship. Liam Fitzgibbon won on the day and took the championship.

27 August 1995
Club member Liam Fitzgibbon provided the field for this grass surface event (the first the club had run on grass for a number of years). the event was won by Dick McCarthy

16 July 1995.
Despite the bad weather there were 21 entries for this event. Liam Fitzgibbon took first overall in his new Escort ahead of Mervyn Shorten and Alan Shinnors. Brigetta McAuliffe took the Best Lady award.

7 May 1995.
Held at  Lynch's Quarry Kilfinny.
Overall 1st Mervyn Shorten, Croom. 2nd Michael O'Connor, Athea. 3rd Fergal O'Meara, Killorglin.
Class 1 1st Derek Noonan, Charleville. 2nd Liam Fitzgibbon, Croagh. 3rd Jack Bennett, Ardagh
Class 2 1st Mick Nevin, Tullamore. 2nd Mike O'Sullivan, Charleville 3rd Christy Casey, Clare
Class 3 1st Gerard O'Shea, Kilfinny. 2nd Alan Shinnors, Grange, Austin Shinnors, Grange.
Ladies Award Bernie Dowling, Newcastle West
Best LMC competitor Niall Shorten, Croagh

6 November 1994
The club newsletter thanked the Lynch family for the use of their quarry at Kilfinny. It also said that despite the aweful weather, the event was a great success with 29 competitors taking part and that it was also great to see so many club members assisting in the running of the event on the day and helping to set out the course the previous day.
Overall 1st Liam Fitzgibbon, 2nd John O'Sullivan, 3rd Mervyn Shorten 
Class 1 1st Jack Bennett, 2nd Derek Noonan, 3rd Mike Aherne
Class 2 1st P Looney, 2nd E O'Callaghan, 3rd Niall Shorten
Class 3 1st Ger O'Shea, 2nd Mike Walsh, 3rd M Hansbury
Class 41st D Lucey, 2nd George Drew
Novice Award Dave Guerin
Ladies Award Bernie Dowling

24 June 1984
Peter Whyte from the Naul, Co. Dublin in his Ford Special won this Castrol Championship round from a field of 49. The event was held at Meelick, the tight nature of the course led to seven cars rolling.

19 June 1983
Peter Whyte took the win after Billt Cavanagh high a pylon on his quickest run at Pallaskenry. Cavanagh finished third after a 5 second penalty was applied. Con Linehan was second.

15 August 1982
Limerick Motor Club's autocross near Cratloe was the sixth round of the Duckhams Munster Autocross championship.
Results: Best time of the day P Horan (Grant Hydrogate Spl) 1m 54.9s
Class 1 1 D Carroll (Imp) 2m 01.9s 2 J Dowling (Mini) 2m 04.4s 3 J Walsh (Mini) 2m 10.6s
Class 2 1 B Sparling (Mini) 2m 03.2s 2 J Dowling (Mini) C Moynan (Mini) 2m 04.7s 3 J O'Callaghan (Mini) 2m 11.0s
Class 3 1 G Barrett (Escort) 2m 05.4s 2 J Bennett (Escort) 2m 07s 3 P Flynn (Escort) 2m 11.3s 3
Class 4 1 L Fitzgibbon (Escort) 2m 03.2s 2 D Moynan (Escort) 2m 05.1s 3 M O'Connor (Escort) 2m 05.6s
Class 5 1 T O'Brien (Ford Spl) 2 J Ryan (VW Spl)
Class 6 1 C Limehan (Rover Spl) 1m55s 2 J Lucey (rover Spl) 1m 56.3s 3 W Cavanagh (Rover Spl) 1m 57.3s
Class 7 Miss A Carroll (Imp) 2m 13.3s 2 Mrs S Dowling (Mini) 2m 14.4s
Novice Award F Madden (Rover Spl) 1m 58.9s

16 August 1981
Pat Horan Extended his  lead in the Duckhams Munster autocross championship with another win in the Limerick Motor Club event at Caherdavin. His Grant Hydrogate Special finished a secoond quicker than the Rover V8 Special of Billy Cavanagh, with Chris Culleton in third place in another Rover Special
Results: Best time of the day P Horan (Grant Hydrograte Special) 2m 03.5s
Class 1 1 D carroll (Imp) 2m 11.5s 2 R Farmer (Mini) 2m 12s 3 J Dowling (Mini) 2m 14.2s
Class 2 1 N McCarthy (Cooper s) 2m 09.6s 2 M Hyland (Marcos) 2m 14s 3 B Sparling (Fiat 127 Sport) 2m 18.3s
Class 3 1 J Bennett (Escort) 2m 13.9s 2 J Conroy (Midget) 2m 17.6s 3 Jim Cullleton (Escort) 2m 17.7s
Class 4 1 S Hawkins (Escort TC) 2 M Canty (Escort) 3 P Culleton (Kadett)
Class 6 1 W Cavenagh (Rover Spl) 2m 04.4s 2 C Culleton (Rover Spl) 2m 05.3s 3 P O'Sulleabhain (Ford Spl) 2m 07.7s
Ladies 1 S Dowling (Mini) 2m 16.1s 2 B Culleton (Escort) 2m 24s

19 August 1979
Autocross at Doonass previewed in Limerick Leader. Mr Liam Howard PRO for the club said "that there was a revival of interest in autocross in the region and that they were expecting a big crowd.

15 July 1979
Autocross at Newcastle West won by Billy Cavanagh Report and full results

20 August 1978
The eight round of the Duckhams autocross Championship at Clonlara adjacent to the famous Falls of Doonass. Regulations were available from Mary Canny.

16 July 1978

The sixth round of the Castrol Autocross championship was held near Newcastle West. Billy Cavanagh  from Cloughjordan won in his Rover V8 Special from Tim Turner and John Farrelll. The event was run over a fast dry track and had 45 starters

17 July 1977

Gordon Percy from Cloughjordan driving his Rover V8 powered Vampire Special was the winner . There were 40 drivers at the Newcastle West venue.

14 March 1976
Held at Messrs Roadstone Ltd's sandpit, Bridgetown, Co Clare. Inclement weather resulted in the road surface becoming loose for the over 30 competitors.  Team Drewspeedhad two cars competing, both sponsored by Castlemahon Poultry Products Ltd. they were George Drew in the BLMC Mini 1293cc finishing third in class and Bernard Supple in the 850cc Mini coming 5th in his class. Bernard's car was the least powerful in the event and his result was very credible indeed.
Fastest time of the day Gordon PPercy, Vampire 3500cc Special 6m 27.81s
Class 1 1st B Hickey, Riley Elf 2nd E Colton, Riley Elf  3rd S Wall, Mini 998
Class 2 1stF O'Mahoney, Mini 1293 2nd M Duggan, Minor 1293 3rd G Drew Mini 1293
Class 3 1st T Slattery , Cortina 1530 2nd G Browne, Avenger 1600 3rd F Hogan VW 1300s
Class 4 1st W Percy, Vampire 3500 2nd R Murphy, Escort 1900 3rd D Keating Escort 1900

?? July 1975

Autocross at Mr Heffernan's field Rathkeale Road.   
Class I 1 Dermot Carnegie 2 Frank Lennon 3 Sean Fitzgibbon    
Class II 1 Mark Slavin 2 Michael Naughton 3 Denis McCarthy    
Class III 1 Sam Hawkins 2 Willie Kavanagh 3 Ken Kavanagh    
Class IV 1 Joe Synam 2 Dominic Kelly 3 Jimmy Moloney    
Class V 1 Larry Mooney 2 David Yeats 3 No Prize    
Class VI 1st and best Limerick Motor club member Jackie Thomas 2 William Percy 3 Thomas Fogarty    
Class VII 1 Stan Williams 2 Gordon Lennox 3 Sean Hartigan    
Best Novice Sean Hynes    
Best Overall winner Gordon Percy    
At a function at the River Room afterwards the prizes were presented by Mr E O'Dwyer and Mr John Hickey on behalf of the [Ten Knights of Desmond, Newcastle West, festival] committee. Mr John Leonard and Mr Brian Sparling paid tribute to the following: time  keepers Ivor Green, Trevor Hughes, George Drew and Kathleen Hodgins.    
Results Compilors John Leonard,Hugh Fennell and Denis Hogan. Scrutineer James Doherty. Clerk of Course Brian Sparling 

24 July 1974

Jacky Thomas won the Castrol championship round at Smithfield, Adare. Mt Tony Meighan was one of the organisors

8 August 1971 Winner Bob Bradley Galway STP Special

25 August 1968 Grass surface autocross in aid of Ardagh/Carrickerry Building fun admission 2/6 Children 6d. The course was fast but rough with a good finishing straight enabling competitors to reach third gear on occasions.   
Fastest Time of the Day D Fitzgerald Mini Cooper S "Roly Poly" 2-18   
Ladies Prize Valerie Fitzgerald Mini Cooper 2-27   
Class A 850-1275cc 1 Brian Cullen Mini Cooper 2-24 2 James Doherty Mini Cooper 2-26 3 Ivan Greene Mini Cooper 2-27   
Class B C Over 1275cc 1 D Burke Singer Vogue 2-42 2 S Moran Cortina 1600 2-44 3 S Jones Prinz 1000 2-45   
Class D over 1275cc 1 Geoffrey Pieters Cortina GT 2-33 2 Frank Jones Cortina GT 2-37 3 B Suttle Willment Cortina 2-41   

Another report in a Kerry newspaper gives Damien Fitzgerald from Cork as winner with Ray Kelliher from Tralee second in a Cooper S.

14 August 1966

Even with 55 entries the event at Adare was a close battle between Larry Mooney Dublin  (VW 1600cc) and Conor Linehan Galway (Mini Cooper S 1275cc). At the end of three timed runs Linehan won by a fifth of a second. Steve Moran from Shannon was third. The  event was run on a grass surface, off the Askeaton Road, Adare in aid of Limerick Handicapped Children.


Limerick Motor Club had a new course at Plassey House, Castletroy. Laid out with several switchbacks, the course which was 4 laps of a 0.75mile circuit became muddy due to the weather.   
1. Larry Mooney 1500 Beetle 5m 17s   
2. Tom Burke 1500 Beetle 5m 50.5s

3 September 1961 Held at Adare on a course made available by Lord Adare  with proceeds in aid of the Limerick Branch of the Polio Fellowship   
Fastest Time of the Day Paul O'Flynn VW   
Class A 1 P O'Flynn VW 2 G H Garry Scotland VW 3 P O'Callaghan VW   
Class B 1 D W (Don) Gray NSU 2 Bian Cullen NSU 3 T Burke NSU   
Class C  1 M J Moloney Sprite 2 D Kearns MG
Class D 1 G Percy Special  2   S V (Val) Baker Ford Special 3 W Percy Special
Class E 1 M F  (Mick) Sheehy Supercharged Dellow 2 Denis Hogan Austin 3 M Lynch VW   
Ladies Class 1 Mrs S N (Claire) Fitzgerald Supercharged Dellow 2 Mrs M Jones VW 3 Mrs D W (Peggy) Gray NSU   

4 September 1960 The event was held on a grass surface at Daly's Cross, Castleconnell. The course had to be shortened due to bad ground conditions. Up to 400 drivers from all parts of the country competed.
Fasted Time of the Day Des Bradley Dublin Dellow Special and also won the overall handicap
Saloon Class under 1000cc
1. J S Moore Austin 7 2m 34.6s
2. Don Grey NSU 2m 38.2sr
3. M Archer Dublin NSU 
Saloon Class  over 1000cc
1. C A Gunn Dublin Supercharged VW 2m 35.6s
2 P O'Callaghan Carrick On Suir VW
3 J O'Mahoney Cork VW
Open Class
1. D Bradley Dellow 2m 33,0s
2. Gordan Percy Ford Special "Thing" 2m 38.1s
3. Mrs Claire Fitzgerald LimerickSupercharged Dellow 2m 40.8s
Ladies Class
1. Mrs Claire Fitzgerald Limerick Supercharged Dellow
2. Miss R Smith Dublin Austin Seven
3. Mrs F Bigger Dublin Herald Triumph
Other Limerick Club drivers Joe Garry, Alan Holliday 

1950 The club ran grass track events at St. Munchin's college sports field