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The webmaster of this website only publishes material he receives, he is not a reporter
If club members don't send news, no news can be added.
This is a club members website and without your contributions the site cannot flourish.

This is not a new situation, read this page from a Newsletter Editors' request from the 1990s


Some articles, quotes, images and other resources have been sourced from the public domain, in some cases the original author or source can not be confirmed or acknowledged.  Limerick Motor Cub does not reproduce such items with the intent of avoiding acknowledgement or copyright.

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Gerard O'Connor Appointed as Webmaster1 March 2008

The Webmaster is not to be considered as a reporter or journalist rather as a publisher. It is up to club members to provide material for the webmaster to publish on the website.

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This is an voluntary and time consuming position, so please forgive any delays or errors. Any assistance or advice is always greatly appreciated